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Oct 01 2013

Word meaning and processing speed

Dyslexia expert Maryanne Wolf says, “the more you know about a word, the faster you can read it.”  Now researchers have demonstrated that the brain recognizes words with concrete meanings faster than abstract words, and that words that are associated with large size are recognized faster than words signifying smallness.  For example, test subjects will …

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Feb 26 2013

Study measures disorientation in dyslexic children….

confused listener

… but the researchers don’t seem to know that’s what happened. Here’s what they do know:  “[C]hildren who are poor readers have more variable neural responses to speech, reflecting an inconsistency in the brain’s response to sound from trial-to-trial.” Or to put things more simply: the study showed that dyslexic kids hear word sounds inconsistently. …

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Feb 15 2013

Allophonic Processing & Dyslexia – A Research Update

From Clinical Neurophysiology, Feb 2013

New research among dyslexic adults seems to confirm that dyslexics have a heightened sensitivity to sounds of language, thinking in an allophonic mode rather than focusing on phonemic units.  Alllophones are the smallest units of sounds that can be discerned in language; phonemes are made up of groups of allophones that have linguistic significance. For …

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Oct 10 2012

Phonemic Awareness: A different take


Are dyslexic kids better at hearing the discrete sounds of language than others? That assertion would fly in the face of common wisdom, but recent brain research suggests that dyslexia might be characterized by hyper-sensitivity to the nuances of the sounds of language.  Rather than a problem distinguishing between discrete sounds, the problem might be …

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