Guidelines for Posting

Guidelines for posting:

Please follow these basic guidelines with your posts:

  1.  Please start by creating a contributor user profile for yourself. (You can either create it directly if you have an account, or send the information you would like displayed to the webmaster.)
  2. Your post should be on a topic consistent with the focus and overall philosophy of this blog. If you are unsure what that means, take some time to read past posts or visit our main website at For more information, see Describing Dyslexia.
  3. Your post content should have a positive tone and be family-friendly — please don’t use profanity or other language likely to offend anyone.
  4. Your post should be original content, written by you, using your real name. Please do not copy and paste matters from other websites or submit work by writers other than yourself, or work that has been previously published under someone else’s name or on another website or blog.
  5. Please do not post advertisements or commercial endorsements. It is acceptable to offer a third-party review of a book, software application, or other product that you feel may be of interest to blog readers, but such reviews will be published only if they seem to be fair and informative, and if it is clear to us that you (as author) do not have a direct financial interest in the item reviewed.
  6. Please do not post links to commercial sites in the body of your post, unless they are clearly labeled and contain helpful information directly relevant to the post topic. You may include a link to your own business or personal web site within your user profile, but you should not expect to use the articles themselves as a way to drive traffic to your site or to sell your products or services. Please do not embed links to your own website or to commercial sites within the text of your article. For more information, please review our link policy.
  7.  We will review all links to outside sites included within your article and may remove the links or replace with alternate links as we feel appropriate. We prefer links to neutral or authoritative sites such as nonprofit or university sites rather than private blogs or commercial sites.  Because this website is maintained by Davis Dyslexia Association International, we may also choose to substitute a link to one of our own sites or a site maintained by one of our affiliates or licensees.
  8. Please feel free to include photographs or other images with your post; however, please be sure that you have permission to use any images that you post.
  9. Do not include a byline (your name) or author bio or profile within your post. These items will be added automatically by the software, so you do not need to type them again.  You can control the information that appears with your post by editing your user profile.
  10.  After submission, your post and/or author profile may be edited and revised prior to publication to conform to site guidelines. In particular, inappropriate links may be removed and word choice may be modified to be consistent with the overall tone and philosophy of this blog. Your post will not be published if such revisions would substantially change the meaning and message conveyed by your article.

For more information, please review:

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