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The Gift of Dyslexia The Gift of Dyslexia – Revised and Expanded
Ronald Davis’s groundbreaking work explains the theories behind Davis Dyslexia Correction methods, and details basic procedures in an easy-to-follow, scripted format.
The Gift of Learning
The Gift of Learning

The Gift of Learning provides tools for improving attention focus, building math understanding, and improving handwriting. By Ronald Dell Davis.
Learn the key signs of dyslexia and find the best treatment options for your child, by Abigail Marshall.
Get the Right Diagnosis – Understand Treatment Options – Help Your Child Learn; By Abigail Marshall
Picture It! illuminates the abilities of visual-spatial learners and describes the challenges that they have in traditional learning environments. By Betty Maxwell and Crystal Punch

Autism and the Seeds of Change

Achieving Full Participation in Life through the Davis Autism Approach. By Abigail Marshall with Ronald Dell Davis.

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