A New Order

A funny story from my practice:

Learning Solutions/ Kim Willson Rymer

I conducted a Davis Attention Mastery program online with a 14-year-old teenager, with his dad as a helper.

The clay concepts were sculpted by both son and dad.

This program requires modeling and mastering the concept of “disorder” and “order”. After that, the client must complete a real-world exercise to establish order.

This is a very fun exercise, as the parent has the task of cluttering up the child’s room in a short time (oh with what pleasure parents do it, in a few minutes there are skates hanging on the wall, chairs turned upside down, trash can on the desk, banana peels on the floor, in a word fun!)

Learning Solutions/ Kim Willson Rymer

The child’s task is to put the room in order following the sequence of steps learned during their Davis program.

This exercise, combined with mastering the concepts in clay, mysteriously opens one’s eyes to the mess in the apartment, in life, and in one’s head!

So, with all the exercises completed, I let the satisfied guys go.

In the evening the mother of the family calls me: “Tatiana, what have you done with my guys? I came home, my husband was scrubbing the toilet, my son had washed the kitchen shelves, the apartment was clean… My husband, wiping sweat from his forehead says: “Your Tanya is a witch, what has she done to me? I can’t stop, I want to clean up!”

I reply that it was the whole concept of “order” that did it. In response, a completely delighted Mom of the family said, “It’s just a magical concept! First time ever that my husband has cleaned our apartment!”

This article is has been translated from the author’s original social media post in Russian.

For more information: Davis Concept Mastery and the Establishing Order Exercises are described in detail in the book, The Gift of Learning (Chapters 15, 16, 17)