How to Transform a Toxic Parent-Child Relationship

Are parent-child relationships growing toxic? I’m not talking about parents and their adult children. I’m talking about children who are still children.

Yes, and it is the parents who become toxic in these relationships. We would seem to be more conscious, able to control ourselves, more knowledgeable, but…

Here is how the parties feel in such relationships:

1. Lack of mutual support (the parent thinks that the child deliberately does not want to study, the child thinks that the parent just screams all the time);

2. Constant dissatisfaction with one another;

3. Inability to work cooperatively together (e.g., homework);

4. Fear and so much more.

How not to turn your relationship with your children into a “toxic relationship”?

1. Become an optimist and your child will follow your example.

2. Trust your child and the child will trust you.

3. Turn lessons into an enjoyable process for yourself, and your child will love the process too.

4. Leave your problems behind the door of the child’s room – the child’s bedroom is their fairyland. Be good wizards in it, not evil magicians.

P. S: This is written because of the recent feeling of entering into a toxic relationship, but quickly resolving the issue through these simple steps.