Dyslexia: A Mother’s Quest… And A Son’s Breakthrough

Navigating the challenges of your child’s learning difference can be very tough.

First, a persistent problem; then, a diagnosis/label without a strategy; then, strategies that don’t bring a solution; and then… what?

Actress Louise Jameson’s quest for her son Tom culminated in a Davis Dyslexia Programme. Tom was 19 then, was done with school and was not employed. After his programme, Tom embarked on two courses of further education, became a self-employed fitness coach, and is now the founding owner of a private fitness studio in Bearsted, Kent.

Louise and Tom recently shared their experience in a free online webinar on 27 June. You can view the recording here:

Free Webinar — featuring Davis Trainer Axel Gudmundsson with Louise and Tom Jameson
  • what life and learning were like for Tom — and for Louise —before Tom’s Davis Programme
  • how Tom experienced the programme
  • what happened after Tom’s programme
  • what makes Davis so different from other interventions
  • what you can expect from a Davis programme
  • what sort of challenges Davis can help with, and
  • how methods can be tailored to meet individual needs