Dyslexic Identities – How do you see yourself?

Researchers identified three different types of dyslexic identities. The first group sees themselves as differently enabled. In a group with those types of dyslexics, you probably hear about dyslexic strengths, dyslexic advantages, and probably even about dyslexic superpowers. They bring a very positive perspective on dyslexia to the table.

At the other end of that spectrum, we find dyslexics describing themselves as disabled. These dyslexics experience their dyslexia mainly as a limitation. They would argue that it is important to see dyslexia as a disability since it ensures that dyslexics receive special education.

Lastly, there is a group of dyslexics that sees themselves as socially disabled. These people would probably identify with the social model of disability and movements like Neurodiversity. They are creating awareness that the combination of barriers in society and the individual creates a disabling experience.

The Dyslexic Perspective