Finding Sanctuary

An observation of our time: war and emigration are the most effective ways to lose weight.

The Lord has a very rich imagination, how to realize our aspirations.

Stop, little pot, stop, I didn’t order it!1

Where am I now in this world?

Davis teaches that change happens to everything living and even non-living as long as the Earth turns. And this is the only thing that can be called stable.

Paradox? Yes, it is. Because in this place there is a real cognitive dissonance. And our only way out is to immediately find new points of support.

My pillars when I fled became Love, Hate, Recalibrating, looking for a New Balance.

I freed myself from the ballast of political correctness and neutrality, and this was my will and choice. But it turned my vision into monochrome. Going forward I had only two poles – black and white.

The war changed me forever.

model by Tamara Khabarova

Germany gave me shelter from the Russian onslaught. The Land of Order and my personal love at first sight. And this was my new paradox.

I teach Order in the Davis system – and this is my new god. And that’s why I know that chaos and disorder are its antipodes. And each system tends to order. And so any chaos is temporary.

I know that my three whales – Love, Work and Order – will lead me to the Harmony that I and we all so desperately need.2

This article has been translated from a social media post by the author dated March 11, 2022, originally written in Ukrainian. Translation by Abigail Marshall.

Our worldwide community of Davis Facilitators includes several from Ukraine. All were forced to flee their homes to seek refuge.


  1. In the fairy tale “Sweet Porridge”, a poor girl finds a magic pot that produces sweet porridge on command, but overflows and covers a whole town when her mother asks for porridge but does not know the words to make it stop. The moral of the story is “Know how to finish something before you start it.”
  2. In Slavic folklore, the world rests on the backs of three whales.