Leaving Self-Doubt Behind

Confidence Hacks For Dyslexics (Scientifically Proven)

Dyslexics are often highly competent people; however, many dyslexics experience being called stupid or lazy. Such experiences can cause low confidence levels, and those might prevent us from achieving our goals.

But confidence is something that we can improve. Here are sustainable strategies: With Self-Affirmations, we can prove our positive attributes to ourselves. This can be a good beginning toward a more positive sense of self.

Reaching our goals and making progress in life are also greatly beneficial when it comes to our confidence. With the WOOP method, we can do this more effectively and enhance our chances of reaching our goals.

If, despite the methods mentioned above, you struggle to gain momentum due to a lack of confidence, try mental contrasting. It will help you to follow up with the plans that you have made!

The Dyslexic Perspective


Here’s some of the literature I consulted to create this video: