Are We Putting the Cart Before the Horse When Learning to Read?

This week, I’m working with a kiddo who came to me without knowing most of the letters, what they looked like, their names, or how to write them.

This is not an uncommon situation in my office. Often, these kiddos are being taught to read before they have a true understanding and mastery of the letters.

In just a couple of days, with some cool tools and by helping him rewrite his inner dialogue, this kiddo mastered both upper and lowercase letters. Now, they have the solid foundation needed to learn how to read. and look at the smile on his face!

Does your kiddo struggle with reading?

Do they have the foundation they need to learn how to read?

Davis programs begin with Alphabet Mastery – a process of modeling both upper and lower case alphabets in clay. Even if a child already seems to know the alphabet, this activity often reveals unrecognized areas of confusion that can be at the heart of many reading problems. This process can also provide a foundation to resolve problems such as letter reversals or handwriting difficulties.