Why Clay?

Why do we use clay with the Davis Method?

At the heart of reading difficulties are often “sight words.” These words do not conjure up an image in our minds, yet they are used all the time! They cause confusion and disorientation in these picture-thinker kiddos.

By creating a clay image to describe words like “by,” “the” or “through,” we can help cement meaning to the letters and ease up a lot of reading troubles!

Kids absolutely beam when they conquer words that have been like little gremlins their whole lives. It’s like handing them a superpower. As soon as they can harness this power, they can apply it to anything! That’s why the core program only takes five days.

We don’t go over more memorizing sight words or more phonics. We approach reading completely differently.

Plus, we play fun games with balance and the midline, so they can use their whole body for regulating their stress when it starts creeping up again (as it inevitably will!).

In short, clay is the tool that makes learning to read fun and engaging!