How can I help others when I’m not perfect?

Davis Facilitator Almaz Wijkel

Can I help children with dyslexia, if I can’t write flawlessly?

This is a question I asked myself after a conversation with a colleague, about my posts that sometimes have a writing error.

This touched me deeply. My doubts and uncertainty caused tears to jump in my eyes.

Because how can I help others if I can’t do it flawlessly myself?

I sighed deeply and deployed my Davis tools so I could focus again and calmly organize my thoughts.

That I make mistakes when writing my texts or reports, that’s true! But that doesn’t make me a bad helper!

As a practitioner, I know like no other what it’s like to be dyslexic.

But I don’t just help children in my practice with learning spelling rules. I provide a solid foundation and teach them how to focus their attention relaxedly on a task they need to do, so that they are able to perceive letters and words in a focused way.

.I don’t teach them tricks or rules but make sure they know how to process information and learn from that solid foundation.

So, ′′ Yes I can help others, even if I can’t do it flawlessly “.

My question to you: ′′ Do you sometimes make mistakes in writing? Is that so bad?”

from (translated from Dutch)