Growing into Dyslexia

Four Common Patterns among Adults

There are different types of dyslexic adults. all of whom have learned to cope with their dyslexia in different ways. Let’s see what we can learn from their strategies:

1) Dyslexics who decided to focus on areas that are not affected by their learning difference started to feel comfortable in their areas of expertise. Still, they are prone to feeling under-challenged.

2) The group of gifted overcompensating dyslexics who have an enormous drive to succeed, which they use to develop skills in a specific field.

3) The compensated dyslexics found ways to succeed in higher education and have academic degrees that are more in line with their intelligence.

4) The last type of dyslexic adult is still trying to find effective ways to compensate. In different ways,

I see myself as a mix of all four types. What about you?

The Dyslexic Perspective


Here’s some of the literature I consulted to create this video: