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Tatiana Whitehead is a licensed Davis Facilitator who works in Moscow and in Great Malvern, UK. Inspired by the positive philosophy about the hidden talents of dyslexics, she found her calling in helping imaginative thinkers, both children and adults.

Kate Gladstone is an educator who has devoted her career to learning and teaching about cursive handwriting. She is the author of the book, Read Cursive Fast.

Vanessa Victor is a licensed Davis Facilitator in Auckland, News Zealand. She discovered her own dyslexia as an adult, and has made a series of videos called "My Dyslexic Life" exploring her own journey and the ways in which dyslexia has impacted many parts of her life.

Elizabeth Bertran is a licensed Davis Facilitator who works in Washington State. She is the owner of Fresh Start Learning of Puget Sound.

Elena Nikulina is Davis Facilitator who lives and works in South East London, UK. She provides services to children of all ages in both English and Russian (her first language).

I have been statemented with dyslexia from about 6 years old.
I have created a website Dyslexia Life Hacks, this shares the various tools and techniques I have developed over the years to make life easier, and is a safe space for you to share your thoughts and suggestions for further hacks!

Beth Currie Shier is a licensed Davis Facilitator based in Oakville, Ontario. She is also the mom of two picture-thinkers.

I'm a dyslexic and an education scientist. My goal is to share the knowledge I've acquired and to provide a shortcut to mastering your dyslexia and understanding those that have it!

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