More than just a memory, it was an EXPERIENCE!


Frustrating. That’s it. Hugely frustrating dealing, with stereotypes and misperceptions that cloud the field of dyslexia. It’s the closed mindedness that gets to me; although the words uninformed, unwilling, emotionally linked, inflexible, lacking…could replace ‘closed minded’.

I was working on some concepts from our Identity Program when the frustrating thought came to mind. To be honest it wasn’t just one thought either, there were several.

Let me explain more precisely. I was working on the concepts of Experience. Experience, as in the Davis definition: ‘survive as changed’. I was working on how we experience Experience, like:

-being there at the time of an experience;
-when we cause an experience;
-how we observe an experience;
-at the effect of an experience;
-before an experience happens;
-watching someone else experience something;

Thoughts were soaring through my mind and something hit me.

No, not ‘hit’ me like flying through the air at me; ‘hit’ me like emotions flying out of thin air at me.

A memory soared out of nowhere. A music memory. I’ve been a fan of Elton John’s music since my early teens. His concerts were the first big-time concerts I attended when the Chicago Stadium was in its hey-day. My mom was our chauffeur.

elton_john_your_song 1

Yes, I love Elton John’s music and his piano playing sings to my heart. I love piano in contemporary, modern, classical, jazz -you-name-it- music. (And I’ve always been in love with how the brilliant artists’ hands work the keys!) But today as the sound from the ebony & ivories of an Elton John song twinkled through my office-air they released my mind back in time. Sound. It drew me out of my personal space into an emotional cloud. [This also explains what we call disorientation, so I had to use my focusing tools, to get back on point, to write this!]

Once I was within that cloud, spiraling memories of my grandfather, my dad’s dad, overtook me. Music.

My grandfather was talented musically; he sang all day long while he worked. He was a kind and happy person. Here I was researching the placement of before, during and after for our Identity Program’s concept of Experience, I experienced it myself. My mind drifted to the memory of my grandfather. I flew to wondering how he first experienced music, what was his first experience with a piano, how did music make him feel….

Sweet thoughts came so swiftly there was barely time for a “your emotions are taking over” kind of feeling.

Well, another Elton John song just began. At the first hint of that first note I knew exactly what song it was.

Beautiful. Memories.

*Love will grow, it comes and goes

Emotions can deceive you
Well this I vow, here and now
My love will never never never leave you

*Elton John music; Lyrics Gary Osbourne

Does music empower you to rise up against the things that frustrate you?