A Davis Story: Marcia Maust

Marcia Maust is Davis Supervisor-Specialist and Davis Autism Training Supervisor. She is also the editor of The Dyslexic Reader. In this video interview, she shares the experiences that led her to Davis, as a mother looking for answers.

Video by Upper Learning Resources

Like many Davis Facilitators, Marcia saw first-hand the benefits of a Davis program for her daughter.

For her it was absolutely life-changing. She entered the program as an individual who was a broken child, who hated school, who cried, who had stomachaches, who was doing poorly even though she was tested as having above-average intelligence. She left the program empowered, knowing that she could continue with the beautiful work. So I walked her through all the follow-up work and I’m happy to report that she is now a second-grade teacher.

This video is part of a series filmed by educator Subiratha Sivakumaran of Upper Learning Resources. To view other videos in the series, see our Davis Stories page.