Becoming Borderless – A dyslexic filmmaker travels the world

My name is Adam Clayton and I grew up with Dyslexia. My mother and grandmother had the same learning difference and thankfully knew the signs and I got diagnosed early. I had an IEP all the way through high school and even received financial assistance in college due to my severe dyslexia. 

On Submittable – Nat Geo Wild to Inspire Short Film Contest 2020 Finalist

It took me many years to find an outlet in school. Like many dyslexics, I gravitated to the arts and sports. After a successful collegiate wrestling career in high school and two years of college, I took an off-year. After working for a minimum wage for a year, I decided I needed an education. I decided to take school seriously and apply the discipline that wrestling taught me and apply it to academics and finishing college. I rediscovered the arts and got a film degree from a community college. 

A lot has happened since I finished college in 2011. I traveled around the world, landed my first full time 9-5 job, bought a house, got married, got our first dog, built a tiny home in an old bus, started our own photo and video company, and then sold everything we owned to chase our dream of traveling the world. 

At some point, a TV network found our youtube videos and offered us a spot on their network! 
Our TV show  (free to watch)  –

After one year on the road, I made the short documentary about our journey featured on this page. I submitted it to National Geographic and was selected as a finalist. (For more information, see my interview at Submittable.)

Growing up school was a nightmare and I truly believed my learning difference was a curse. I felt slow and stupid. Now I realize I have a gift.

I hope my story and my experiences can be an inspiration to others.