I felt like it was a miracle!

A young boy and his mom share their experiences with a Davis program. This video includes a very creative way of demonstrating the effect of the Davis Orientation tool on perception of letters.

Davis Dyslexia Correction…"I felt like it was a miracle!" – Joey

Meet Joey and his Mom! When Joey first came to us, he struggled mightily with focus and perceptual distortion prevented him from being able to read. During his one-week intensive "Dyslexia Bootcamp," he learned that when his fabulous imagination was engaged, reading (and all things having to do with learning, listening, and words) didn't go so well. Here, he describes how he learned to "park his imagination" – and shows off his latest list of words that he learned using the powerful Davis Symbol Mastery process. What a ROCKSTAR! I am sure you'll agree!#davisdyslexia #dyslexiacorrection #nedyslexia #karenlogiudice

Posted by New England Dyslexia Solutions on Wednesday, June 26, 2019
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