Fish Don’t Climb Trees – A different take on dyslexia

Book Cover: FIsh Don't Climb Trees

Davis Facilitator Sue Hall has updated her book: Fish Don’t Climb Trees: A Whole New Look at Dyslexia (2nd edition).  The book is also now available as an audiobook, as well as in print and e-book formats.

Sue understands dyslexia from the inside out – as a dyslexic person with vivid recollections of frustrations experienced in elementary school, as a parent who searched for and found a solution to enable a once-struggling child to learn become a reader, as a talented Davis facilitator with more than twenty years of hands-on experience working with children and adults, and as the founder of a Canadian charity aimed at building understanding and raising funds to help dyslexic students.

Sue’s insightful and informative book strikes a perfect balance among autobiographical tidbits, illustrative stories, and direct practical advice and suggestions for recognizing and overcoming problems at school and in life.

The book’s title comes from a quote attributed to Albert Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Sue’s charm and whimsical sense of humor make her book an enjoyable read throughout, with a heartfelt depth borne of her own life experiences and boundless compassion for others. Sue’s keen insight is a boon for parents and teachers alike, whether they are new to learning about dyslexia or in search of a deeper understanding of the dyslexic way of thinking.

This article was originally published on October 18, 2014 and has since been updated with new information.

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