Little Hands, Big Goals

Did you know that the bones in our hands and wrists are not fully developed until late adolescence?

Yet we continue to push writing during preschool and kindergarten.


Well, it’s simply because teaching is easier when kids can fill out a worksheet! If teachers can get kids reading and writing early, then they can teach the whole classroom much more easily.

The problem is that our kids just aren’t ready developmentally.

Especially kids who are large-motor driven and would much rather climb a tree than sit in one spot!

Playing with Play-Doh, clay, or slime can actually help develop muscles, so don’t think your kids are wasting time when they do these activities!

And rolling down hills or across the carpet can help brain development, so get those kids to the park and play in the grass!

If your little ones need more time before their handwriting improves, don’t despair. Meet them where they are at! There are so many ways to learn without writing everything down.

You can verbally ask your kids questions!

Use clay to create letters. Write with chalk on the driveway. Even make letters in the air!