My Dyslexic Life: Two Dyslexic Minds

What happens when two dyslexics attempt a DIY project?

Well, I have to say you get a bit of magic!

This weekend my son and I helped transform an entranceway for a friend. The reason it went so well is because of our understanding of our own minds. My son is very dyslexic, as am I, but we do have different strengths and weaknesses. Not every dyslexic is the same or has the same challenges.

My strength was visualising it, and seeing how it could look and what to use to achieve that – my weakness was how long it would take and how to attach the bamboo. My son’s challenge was not seeing what it would look like at the end – but his strength was the detail of each step and seeing what needed to happen. Once you understand your challenges and your talent, it makes life much easier!

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