My Dyslexic Life -How I Ended Up Upside Down At Pilates

You may not realise that being dyslexic can affect your sense of direction, not only your left and right but also your ability to orientate your body in space!

What do I mean by that?

Well, there is so much for a dyslexic person to process in an exercise class, the verbal instructions can happen so quickly, and we have to try and work out what the instructions are… And then work out our left and right, front, back, up and down.

These are things that we can really struggle with, and for me, this is an area where my dyslexia still shines through.

This week I ended up the wrong way completely on the Pilates machine! The good news is that I am no longer embarrassed by this, I just laugh it off and know that it is my dyslexic brain struggling with all the information, not that I am stupid or useless at Pilates!

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