Are You a Dyslexic Perfectionist?

Perfectionism and dyslexia are connected. Perfectionism seems to develop during childhood when acceptance, approval, and affection are lacking. Many dyslexics have experienced the feeling of not receiving any recognition or understanding while attending school.

A recent study explored the link between perfectionism and dyslexia, warning against adopting a perfectionistic self-image. Doing so can hinder our ability to manage our dyslexia in a helpful and effective way. To overcome perfectionism, it’s essential to first recognize it.

Without awareness, we cannot take steps to prevent it. So, I decided to share signs of perfectionism with you that are typical for dyslexics. Towards the end of the video, I included strategies on how to manage perfectionism, such as focusing on the bigger picture or gradually desensitizing oneself.

The Dyslexic Perspective

Here’s some of the literature I consulted to create this video: