Why does the Davis Method work?

Why does the Davis method work?

Because it was developed by Ron Davis, who has dyslexia himself.

He knows what it feels like to never fit in.

He knows the frustration of living with a brain that works differently.

He also knows that it’s a gift to have a brain that works differently!

Ron was determined to unlock how his brain works so he could help others. And he has! His methods are unconventional (and sometimes questioned by other educators) but the results are undeniable.

Maybe you don’t understand your child. Maybe you aren’t a picture-thinker so you can’t imagine how this method could work.

But if your child is struggling and you cannot figure out how to alleviate the stress, maybe it’s time for a new approach.

There’s never a “perfect” time to get your child help. They may be 6 years old or 16. It’s different for every family. And it’s never “too late” to give your child tools for their future. Even adults see great results with the Davis method!

Do you suspect dyslexia? Are you seeing that your child thinks or learns differently?

Take the assessment at testdyslexia.com and see if this is what’s going on in your home!

As we start another school year, here’s a reminder to advocate for your student! They should not spend more time on homework than their peers! You can ask for accommodations or refuse homework (many schools don’t even send home homework anymore!).

If kids can’t sit still in school to complete their work, they definitely don’t need more time at the kitchen table at home! Their time would be better spent in sports, music, or running around playing!

And if you are interested in learning more about Davis methods, help is a phone call away.

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