One More Thing to Try

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Frustration. Irritation. Tears.

And not just your child’s.

Learning difficulties affect the whole family– especially the dedicated parents who are trying so hard to help their kids.

I’m sure you have a lot on your plate.

But I want to challenge you. . . If what you’ve been doing isn’t working, isn’t it time to try something different?

I know life is busy, but can you squeeze in a phone call?

Here are some questions that I hear often in my practice:

Q: My daughter is 8 and is dyslexic, as well as being on the autism spectrum. She is verbal and has an above-average IQ, but is very disruptive in school and reads at a beginning kindergarten level. Could this program help her?

A: Yes, Davis Facilitators work with many kids like your daughter. The best next step is to schedule a consultation so we can assess her motivation and readiness for the program!

Q: I am homeschooling my boys and have realized that my youngest is dyslexic. He reverses letters, gets easily distracted, and takes hours to finish his work. His handwriting is like a first grader’s. I am currently doing another homeschooling system and we have paid for it, but I have found that it is not benefitting him. He is 12 years old. We can not afford to pay for another course yet. What should I do?

A: I highly recommend you read the book, The Gift of Dyslexia. You will get a great understanding of how your son’s brain works and will be able to try some strategies before we can schedule a time to work together. I know it’s hard to spend more money, but if you know that the system you have isn’t working, it’s better to set it aside and try something new when you can!

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I can’t help but reminisce on the years of tears that my son and I shared. I’m not glad he had to go through that pain, but I am so glad it led me to Davis. I love that there is a different way to approach learning.

Maybe you’ve tried tutors. Phonics. Orton Gillingham. Memorizing sight words. Waiting to see if your child just needed more time. A different curriculum. Homeschooling.

Most moms come to me absolutely exhausted because they have tried everything. And my heart goes out to them because I know how hard they have been working to find a solution!

It may feel like a Davis program is one more thing to try, but trust me, this method is completely different than anything else.

Please reach out to a Davis Facilitator. We are happy to explain more about the process and see if it would work for you.

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