Shoelace Mastery

photo by Tracy Doyle

I love how the Davis tools help with pretty much anything you want to learn!

This young lady was feeling a bit anxious about going back to school because she hadn’t mastered tying her shoes. In a matter of a few minutes (with the help of Davis tools), Myla mastered tying her shoes and is all ready to head back to school!

Why does Davis work?

The Davis Method helps kids turn down their “dial” when needed. This doesn’t mean we change them or squelch their creativity, but when needed, kids need to be able to do sequential steps, instead of thinking in 3D or very creatively.

The Davis Method builds confidence and brings a smile to their face, when previously, tears were frequent during school, homework, or tutoring time.

You may be feeling like you’ve tried everything. You may be at the end of your rope. You may be exhausted and out of hope.

Instead of giving up, is it time to try something completely different?

Ron Davis was dyslexic himself, and he figured out how to use his gifts and abilities to his advantage, as an adult. He wrote The Gift of Dyslexia to explain his discoveries, and has trained facilitators to help kids and adults all over the world!