You can flip the switch!

If you think of your brain as a power grid, there are billions of pathways or roads, lighting up every time you think, feel or do something. These are our habits, our established ways of thinking, feeling, and doing. Every time we think in a certain way, practice a particular task, or feel an emotion, we strengthen this road. It becomes easier for our brains to travel this pathway.  When we start to think differently, we start carving out a new road and if we keep traveling that road, our brains begin to use this pathway more, and this new way of thinking, feeling, or doing becomes second nature. The old pathway becomes less and less and weakens and this process of rewiring your brain by forming new connections and weakening old ones is neuroplasticity in action.

If you have ever changed a bad habit or thought of something differently, you have carved a new pathway in your brain and experienced neuroplasticity firsthand. With repeated and direct attention toward your desired change, you can rewire your brain.

The Davis Dyslexia Correction Program follows these principles. Those who have benefitted greatly are diligent in using their Orientation tools consistently when facing 2-dimensional symbols. The ability to alter perceptions is useful when resolving confusion about real objects but this gift is not helpful when one is confronted with written words, letters, and numbers. The Davis Orientation Counseling procedure offers a means to switch this mental talent on and off when needed. 

Ron Davis in the development of the Davis Dyslexia program in the 1980’s, was ahead of his time. When we first ventured into this method with our child over 20 years ago, the theory was that the brain was hard-wired. Fortunately, we didn’t listen to the naysayers and took a chance. We never looked back.