A Journey of Discovery

My work as a Davis Facilitator is a journey of discovery every time.

Each client brings his or her own problems and therefore needs a solution that suits him or her exactly.

The young client I am working with now has a nice philosophical streak. Lots of questions about how man and the universe work.

But also: Why are the Dutch getting taller and taller? And: Why did he have so many problems just learning to read?

Discovering that he can feel very clearly when he is disoriented allows us to pinpoint the triggers and confusions together. And solve them. Because that’s what we learn as Faciltators during our intensive training.

It remains wonderful to empower a child, adolescent or young adult. So that they can solve learning problems in a way that suits them.

It is and remains a wonderful job.

This article is a translation of a social media post, originally written in Dutch. For information about Davis programs in the Netherlands, visit www.dedavismethode.nl or www.daviscounselors.nl