Breaking Through

Lydia enjoyed math until third grade. When the numbers started getting bigger, and long division and multiplication were getting more complicated, she would just cry, arms folded over her math book. She is a smart girl and not understanding math made her frustrated and angry!

For years, her mom, a homeschool mom, tried everything. They took a break, they made it fun with manipulatives, they read stories about math and numbers, switched curricula, tried online computer programs, and played online math games…but nothing seemed to stick or make sense in Lydia’s creative brain.

Lydia is a very musical student. She plays piano, violin, guitar, and ukulele. She reads at a high school level. Her writing is exceptional. But she could not make math click.

Finally, after much frustration, Lydia’s mom reached out to me. “I think we need help,” she said. “I don’t want this to hold Lydia back! She is ahead in all her subjects, but math makes her cry every time we try to work on it.” Lydia was 13 and she wanted help. She was committed to the 5-day program, even though the thought of 5 days of working on math sounded like torture to her!

The first day that her mom picked her up, Lydia was smiling. SMILING! About math?! She even said, “That was fun!” Her mom was incredulous. Finally, something was working.

By the end of the program, Lydia said, “Math is easy. It’s no big deal.” Her mom’s mouth dropped and she gaped at me.

I just shrugged. That’s what we do here! We break through the blocks, we give kids amazing tools, and we make it “easy” for their brains to comprehend.

Whether your child is 6, 13, 18, or even an adult, it’s never too late to get help for your learning challenges. And it’s not your fault that you’re in this place! Working harder won’t help, or it already would have already worked.

Is it time for something new?