Dyslexic Strengths – Test your Dyslexic Advantage

Arije-Aike de Haas is a dyslexic researcher studying educational sciences at a German university. He has designed this simple test of spatial reasoning to explore dyslexic strengths. It’s a short video — you can help by watching the video and then posting a comment here or on his YouTube page.

Video by Arije-Aike de Haas

As a dyslexic myself, I always wished that someone would have shown me my strengths as a dyslexic. Here is one way to see your dyslexic abilities! While we find a lot of anecdotal evidence for the advantages of dyslexia, it has been hard to back these stories up with studies that prove these advantages exist (Bacon and Handley 2014 p. 331). However, a study from 2015 found an area in which dyslexics outperformed nondyslexics (Duranovic, Dedeic et al. 2015). Dyslexics did much better on the analytical spatial test. I believe that we shouldn’t make young dyslexics aware of their deficits without also making sure they know their strengths. I hope that this video will take us one step closer to a more strength-focused view of people with learning differences.

Arije-Aike de Haas