Les Troubles DYS

We are pleased to report the recent release of our new French-language book entitled : Les troubles dys chez l’adulte, faites de votre différence une force! Translated freely, Dys Adults, transform your difference into a force.

In 2021, the Belgian editor Mardaga asked my co-authors Carol Valet, Claudine Gardères, and I to write a book focused on the theme of adults on the dys spectrum. The book was printed with the Dys population in mind as regards the layout : the book is not too long, the text is not heavy, there are spatial organograms to guide the reader around, and there are quick response (QR) codes throughout giving access to videos in order to drive home certain points. The head of the diversity department at Microsoft France being dys himself. gladly agreed to write the preface.

The main objective of this book is to help change the way adults dys are perceived in today’s society and at work. The first chapter describes the positive traits that an adult dys can offer, the second chapter goes into detail about the difficulties adults dys often encounter in their day-to-day lives. (Both chapters are highlighted by real-life experiences that were related to us through former clients).

The third and final chapter is dedicated to helping people recognize the different aspects of the dys spectrum. This is supported again by real-life experiences. We realize that many adults today in France were not officially recognized as dys during their childhood and to this day may still not know.