Time for a Change

clay model of the concept of change
verandering, the Dutch word for change

My latest Davis program is full of beautiful aha moments for my client.

This time it’s a boy who initially stated during the intake interview that he didn’t want to change anything about how he does things. He was happy with his medication, and he didn’t feel any need to improve his reading comprehension. And he felt it was nice that the medication regulated his concentration.

It’s a good thing that during the Davis Facilitator training, we learn that we don’t need to exert pressure in such cases. Instead, we leave the responsibility with our client.

I told him that if in the future he might want to try how it feels to be without medication regulating his concentration and manage it on his own… then he would always be welcome.

No, no, he didn’t want that. File in the cabinet.

And now, 6 weeks later, we’ve already completed the first three days of his Davis program. After that introductory conversation of three-quarters of an hour, he stopped taking the medication on his own because he wanted to be himself again. He noticed that he could connect more easily with other children and didn’t get stuck in his thoughts as much.

And now, he’s motivated to figure out how to make reading easier.

After eliminating many triggers from the uppercase alphabet, he has now finished modeling the lowercase alphabet. On Monday, we will continue to investigate if there are any remaining triggers there. Additionally, he is also working on the Davis Concepts for Life.

His reaction to the Davis Orientation and Release techniques was: “That’s strange, how you come up with things in your imagination and it works so well!”

A world of possibilities has opened up for him, and I’m wondering what else he will discover about his abilities.

It’s all about change! He has even developed a concept for it… with the remark: “Oh, so change is just ‘something becomes something else.’ I don’t have to find all changes so hard.”

This article is a translation from a post originally written in Dutch.